Wednesday, 13 July 2011

i do...!!!

In summer very often we have to attend weddings or - in my case - a baptism. On this occasion, I 'm trying to find the right dress... and after a lot of thought (:-)) I ended up in these three choises, which , in my opinion, are the most appropriate: 1. colour, 2.  floral, 3. nude. They are suitable for summer, very classy and also comfortable...


p.s. avoid leopard patterns and stripes(!!!) , they don't suit the occasions...

love, i. 


  1. I suggest a floral one. it's more summery. Happy you don't have the stripes as a choice :-) you can match a floral dress with nude shoes (like my new shoes). check your emails kisses F.

  2. συμφωνώ! και μάλιστα το floral με την μπλέ βάση που έχεις βαλει στο post είναι τέεελλλειιιοοοο!!!


  3. Dear coco-blogger,
    sygkinimeni omologw oti auto to post anevazei to blog mas se epaggelmatiko pleon epipedo...

    Congrats my dear!!