Saturday, 3 March 2012

thank you!!!!

two lovely blogs, Fashionista Era and el club de las mujeres reales tagged us in two fun games of sharing some facts about us...thank you so much girls...and so so sorry for the delay!!!

so here are 7 fun facts about us!!!

1. we are architects 

2. we take latin dance lessons [a little bit obsessed with this!!]

3. we try to cook or bake [usually without success...] 

4. we always buy gifts for our friends' birthdays and give them to them after a month [:/ yeah-don't know how it happens!!]

5. can't live without h&m [sorry zara...]

6. almost in every party we throw, the police comes ...:/[don't know how it happens either...]

7. we try to laugh every day_having fun almost with everything!!!


  1. Ποσο χαιρομαι που μαθαινω πραγματα για σας!!Στεκομαι στο οτι ειστε αρχιτεκτονες!!Ολα τα αλλα συγχωρουνται!Να ειστε καλα κοριτσια!!And we all have stories we won't never tell!!Hilarious!!

  2. :) teleio to post, kai egw eixa kanei mathimata latin prin kapoious mhnes alla to tango me kerdise perissotero apo salsa, mambo, rumba etc.

  3. Great to see you tag your facts heheni had great fun doing this. Lot of my readers had a blast with this. :) And loved your facts hehe..I love h&m more than Zara too hehe

  4. congrats koukles**panta tetoia*lots of kisses**

  5. following back =)

    keep in touch ^^

  6. this are really true facts - agree =D
    X the cookies

  7. U take latin dance? That is so cool! I think Nic and I may look into some sort of dance class.
    Amazing post idea :)

    Nic and D

    1. I found ur blog and I like it :)
      interesting post :)
      If u want follow me and write comment ;*

  8. Congratulations on the awards, you totally deserve them!

  9. very interesting post dear. Like it.
    Follow you ever like pleasure.
    MAnu hugs

  10. Αρχιτεκτόνισσες σοβάρα?!Πόσο χαίρομαι!Τελικά είμαστε πολλοί οι αρχιτέκτονες bloggers!Φιλιά πολλά κορίτσια!!♥
    Style LimeLight

  11. FUNNNTASTIC facts....